Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The silk road from Gaziantep; rugs to riches

 Rugs to Riches

There is something about the phrase ‘the silk road’ that conjures up a picture of trains of camels, walking in line across the burning desert with their backs laden with fabrics, rugs, perfumes and rare spices. When this picture was actually how the priceless objects reached the West, Gaziantep was already in business, providing the merchants who used the road with their stock. Although the silk road is no longer an actual route, the products it once bore are still very much in evidence in the retail outlets in the West, especially the Wilton carpets, now woven in Gaziantep, the Wilton weaving capital of the world.

Wilton rugs

Wilton rugs were originally hand-knotted in the town of the same name in the UK but production is now almost all overseas. Modern technology means that a Wilton-style rug is now within almost everyone’s pocket and Rug Zone has a fabulous range in both traditional and modern styles. Wilton rugs are recognizable from their dense, short pile and this lends itself very well to traditional designs as a lot of detail can be included. If you need a really hard-wearing rug for high-traffic areas, a Wilton rug will be just the thing for you; if anything, they get better looking with time.

Traditional designs

Carpets and rugs many years old change hands for large sums in antique auctions, both live and online. The designs on these very old rugs are still being reproduced today in Wilton rugs available brand new and in a variety of sizes from the Rug Zone. Buying an antique rug is expensive and few people actually use them on the floor, but by choosing a traditional rug made new in Gaziantep gives you the best of both worlds.

Match the period

If you have a traditional interior, a traditional rug looks wonderful and it doesn’t jar as too new-looking. For a room with antique furniture, a deep red traditional design embodies the style of the nineteenth century. For furniture from the French Revolutionary or Regency periods, neutrals and pale blues and greens echo the colours used in decor at the time. A Deco interior isn’t left out either – modern designs made to the old Wilton method give a modern rug that will fit with the angular shapes of Deco.

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