Monday, May 16, 2016

A Good Reason to Choose a Shaggy Rug

Monte Carlo Shaggy Rugs
When you think of shaggy rugs then you might hark back to the sixties or seventies and the heyday of flower power when they were very popular. Yes, they look great. But aren’t they difficult to maintain? I mean, all those long fibres, have to make the life span of a rug pretty short, don’t they?
Actually, whilst the key to keeping your rug in pristine condition is regular maintenance, it’s not that difficult to do. Let’s face it, if our Viking ancestors could keep them clean and well maintained, with all our modern appliances we should be able to do the same.

One problem people used to have with shaggy rugs was that they were often more expensive than other options. With all the new manufacturing techniques we have today, the good news is that suppliers have been able to bring the costs down and pass them onto the customer. These luxury long pile rugs are now no more expensive than other ranges and designs on the market.

The deep pile surface have a great texture. Whereas other carpets or rugs tend to just sit on your floor and depend on their design to engage the eye, shaggys have a life and a personality of their own. They may all be manufactured to the same design but once they get into your home they take on a unique persona. Colours change and deepen when they get pushed a certain way and even the way the light falls on them makes a difference.

There’s no doubt that these rugs were made for cold, winter evenings. Not only do they provide great insulation for the floor, they’re perfect for sitting on next to a hot fire. Whilst other carpets are hard to touch, you can happily stretch out in comfort while the winter rain, or snow, falls outside.
Shaggy carpets and rugs make a luxury statement, 100% of the time. You can get designs that show ripples in deep and exotic colours, and you can find rugs that just add fun to a room or a hallway. Yes, they take a little more maintenance than other carpets but it’s nothing too difficult – regular vacuuming and cleaning, perhaps a little brushing, to make sure that the long pile remains in good condition.

They’re great in the bedroom, especially if you have a hard wood floor. You don’t want to step out of bed onto a cold floor, much better to settle your feet into the deep pile of a carpet that feels great under foot and keeps you warm as you wake up to the day.
It seems that people often put obstacles in the way of getting a shaggy rug. They have kids who jump around the place. There are animals too, rolling about in the deep pile. Maybe if you don’t trust the rest of the household to look after it properly, you can simply have it in your bedroom where you can make sure it is taken care of.

If you want a carpet that has a sense of luxury and looks and feels great underfoot, then a high pile rug could be just the thing you are looking for.