Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shagtastic 70s decor is here to Inspire you

Shaggy rugs don't just wow with their texture, they come in an amazing range of colours as well. Sticking to the Seventies theme, you could go the whole hog and decorate in the style, with the iconic one wall with different wallpaper, perhaps something crazy with an animal print that will really make your guests’ eyes pop. Unless you are a real retro collector, it might be best to keep your back to the Seventies look to just one room – it can be a little bit too much if you spread it around too much. Whatever you decide to do, Rug Zone’s enormous range of shaggy rugs will really make a splash.

Invigorate you

A shaggy rug from Rug Zone is a really brilliant way to make a quick style change in a room. If you are feeling a bit stale but don't have the time or the budget for a complete makeover, a shaggy rug in a bright colour can really give you a quick lift. If you want to run a theme around the whole house, a shaggy rug in the Seventies style will be happily incorporated into any room and it is a very amusing way to dress your floors. Often people don't realise what you have done until they notice the third or fourth shaggy rug and then it is fun to watch them as they start looking out for the next one. Shaggy rug style cushions complete the look, as well as being a really cuddly way to make your sofa super-comfy.


Shaggy rugs have never really gone away but happily new technology from rug makers now means that they don't shed all over the house like they used to. In the Seventies, you could always tell if there was a shaggy rug in the house because the people who lived there were always covered in fluff. Not only that, but the rug soon looked rather the worse for wear, with bald bits soon developing. All rugs from Rug Zone come with care instructions and so a shaggy rug bought today won't end up all over the house, trodden into the rest of the carpets. A great improvement and a welcome one for anyone who enjoys the cosy and yet rather crazy Seventies look in their house. With bright colours as well as naturals, a shaggy rug from Rug Zone will really look a million dollars, but without the price tag.

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