Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Recycle your old rug on eBay (and buy a new one from Rug Zone)

eBay is most people’s first stop when they want to clear out their old stuff and changing your rugs this way makes sense. Unless the rugs you are getting rid of are antique, you need to make sure that they are in good condition and if they need it, get them cleaned first. When listing, give clear descriptions of condition and colour – this is essential because even clear pictures can give a misleading idea of what shade it might be and accuracy is essential to prevent people wanting to return what they have bought. If you still have labels on your old rugs to indicate what materials have been used in their manufacture, include this – in fact, there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to an eBay listing.

Getting paid on eBay

Most people choose PayPal when they list something on eBay and this is a very good way of getting paid because it is instant – no waiting for cheques to clear is a very real advantage. From there, you can either choose to pay for items using your PayPal balance or you can move the money (usually within a few hours if not less) to your bank account. Rug Zone has an eBay shop so why not choose your replacement rugs there and pay from your earnings direct. Before listing your rugs, work out how much they will cost to send – if you list wrong postage, you will have to bear any shortfall yourself. On the other hand, it is important not to overcharge; eBay does not look kindly on excessive postage charges. Rug Zone has free delivery of rugs over £50 to most places in the UK so you will be using all your earnings to buy the rug, not pay postage.

Time for a change

Whatever rug you are selling on eBay – traditional rugs go well but so do contemporary rug designs – you can make a change when you buy your new rugs from Rug Zone and give your house interior a real lift. There is nothing simpler than making colour changes using rugs and with rugs in the range from under £20 you won't have to sell everything you own on eBay to make more than enough for a very substantial makeover.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Something thin and pretty for the conservatory

vin4819-red_1Conservatories are such a pleasure and if you have one in your house you may be one of the many who consider it their favourite room in the house. Although they are no longer used for their original purpose, which was to house exotic plants, they still tend to have hard floors, as they are often the main way in from the garden and so need to be easy to clean. Sitting in a conservatory on even the warmest day with just a tiled floor isn’t much like fun, though, so you need a flat-weave rug that will be easy to clean if it gets a bit grubby but that will also give a bit of extra comfort underfoot.
Natural looks good
If, like many people, you have furnished your conservatory with wicker or bamboo furniture, you can carry on the natural look with some natural colours underfoot too. There are various flat-weave rugs made out of natural fibres such as sisal and seagrass and they look particularly at home in a conservatory, continuing the idea of the working greenhouse. If you don't like natural fibres and want something a little softer, then why not choose a flat-weave rug from the Rug Zone range in colours such as soft sage green or beige. These colours are very restful in any event, but they certainly look the business in a conservatory, whilst keeping your toes nice and toasty and off the cold tiled floor.
vin4819-san_3Flat-weave rugs look good for ages because bits, dust and grit does not get down in the pile (because there isn’t any!) and grind away at it, causing bald patches. If you want to vacuum it, it comes up a treat, but a flat-weave rug is just as happy with a quick sweep or even a shake outdoors. Because nothing is embedded, a few sharp slaps against a wall will dislodge the dust and the rug is ready to come back inside and get to work again. Thin rugs can look very pretty in a semi-outdoor setting such as a conservatory and if you do have loads of plants in the traditional way, a leaf patterned green runner fits right in. You can search by size, shape, colour and type on the Rug Zone website, so you will easily be able to find just what you want.