Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sheepskin rugs - traditional and homely

Making your home feel warmer and cosier is easy when you add a few strategically placed sheepskin rugs. Sheepskin rugs can offer a timeless look to your home and add a touch of expensive sophistication to any room you choose. This material is soft, comfortable and extremely hardwearing so buying a sheepskin rug is a long term investment. Adding these natural rugs to your rooms will soften up hard wooden flooring and create a homely feel.
 These natural rugs are uniquely shaped so you and your visitors will know that your rug is authentic. You can go for traditional placement in front of your fireplace or you can choose to make it the focal point in the centre of your living room. You can place in at the end of your bed or even at the side so you can feel the comfort of your rug as soon as you step out of bed. Wherever you choose to place it, your rug will instantly draw the eye due to its unique design and authentic materials.

There are black rugs, white rugs and brown rugs and you can also choose an eco-friendly rug. The versatility of these natural rugs is what makes them particularly special. You can use it as a traditional rug to place on the floor or you can use it as a throw for your sofa or at the end of your bedding. This means that you will get plenty of use out of your rug so when it is time for a change there is no need to throw it away. Just place it on top of your bedding or move it to your hallway to welcome your visitors as they step into your home. These traditional rugs are also great to add to a children’s playroom or bedroom as they provide them with a comfortable area on the floor to play.

Chances are you have already been looking at interior design websites and images to get ideas for your home. Interior designers often go for sheepskin rugs as they are extremely versatile and add a touch of class to a home. These wool rugs are great with neutral decor to create a homely feel but they do not look out of place in more contemporary homes either.

Although sheepskin rugs may sound like they will stretch your budget, our rugs for sale are reasonably priced so you can have the authentic look without breaking the bank.

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