Sunday, 3 November 2013

What can you do with round rugs?

What shape comes to mind when you think about rugs? Some people will immediately think of square or oblong rugs, while others will imagine hall or carpet runners that are long and thin. Either way you’re missing out on one particular shape that can be well worth looking into.

We’re talking about round rugs, and the good news is they come in lots of different sizes. You will always find they are measured across the middle, so you know the widest point before you order. Often they come in several sizes, so you can pick the most appropriate one for your needs. You might even decide to pick several of different sizes to create a more unusual effect for your home.

Before you order, have a think about where the rug will be situated. Do you want to order one to go beneath a round table for example? Perhaps you just want a couple to ‘dot’ around a room instead of being in a specific place. Either way it helps to visualise where they will go so you can imagine what the finished effect will be. If you are planning to put furniture on top of your new rug, make sure the furniture will fit. If you have a table and you only have one or two legs sitting on the rug, it might make it uneven or unstable, so bear this in mind.

Colour is another important thing to think about with regard to round rugs. If you opt for plain colours, why not get a couple of round rugs that are of different colours? Providing they complement each other they will look just fine. Alternatively you may prefer to get a stripy rug if your floor surface is already plain. It’s a fast and easy way to jazz things up a bit.

Smaller round rugs are easy to move around from room to room as well. They also have the advantage of being easy to move while staying in the same place. Rotating the rugs means you won’t get wear in just one area, and yet the rug stays in the same place to achieve the effect you want. Make the most of your creativity with the round rugs you’ll see here. With some confidence on your part and a great selection of rugs to choose from on ours, you’ll get the perfect combination you seek.