Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mixing and matching shapes and sizes of rugs for a co-ordinated look

When you move into somewhere new or just fancy a change, using rugs to stamp your personality is a really easy thing to do. Are you a bit of an old-fashioned person who likes to hang on to family pieces and memorabilia? Traditional rugs will probably suit you best. Do you like to chop and change and move the furniture around? Looking for rugs for sale at bargain prices will probably be your best choice, because you can make a difference without spending a fortune. If you like minimalist designs and not too much clutter, you can make a statement with a shaggy rug in an accent colour. But to stop it all looking a bit like a ‘bulk buy’ you can use different shapes and sizes in the same overall style.

Large rugs

Most rugs come in a variety of sizes and you can use this to your advantage whatever style you choose. Traditional rugs, even totally modern ones, use certain design features which are repeated in a specific way. This means whether you choose a  small, medium  or large size rug, you will always have a common element which ties them together, even if you choose different colourways. Using one large rug in the main room and then continuing the theme round the house using smaller rugs or even carpet runners in the hall and up the stairs will make your home seem very calm, even if you choose bright shades. It is the repetition which makes a cohesive décor look and this is subliminally calming.

Keep all the features except the shape

This is another way of making your rugs all ‘hang together’. Whether you go for shaggy rugs, designer rugs or traditional ones, choosing round rugs in some rooms where you have had square or rectangular in others still has the all-through effect. Shaggy rugs in particular look great in the round option and if you have an open plan lounge/diner you can use different shapes in the different areas, sticking to the same colour (or colour family) and texture. Many coloured rugs come in a palette – keep to just one such as autumnal, blues and greens; red is best kept alone as it clashes with almost everything, even itself!

Designer rugs with carved pile

A very popular choice for an accent in a room is a cut pile designer rug. These often have very bold colours and are best left as a statement, but by taking one of the background colours and buying a neutral rug, you can tie the look together very stylishly. In this particular instance, you can also keep to the same size or proportions – changing too much at once can lose the all-in-one design element in your décor. Whatever you decide, with rugs which share a design feature, you can change rooms as and when you wish without spending any more money.