Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Buying rugs to sell at competitive prices

The vast majority of Internet rug dealers build their business on the back of stocks held by wholesalers and importers. That is to say, they do not invest in stock; instead they simply lift photos from the rugs supplier catalogue and offer rugs for sale on their web site. When the customer orders rugs from the website the retailer must then order the rugs from the wholesaler or importer, wait for the rugs to be delivered to their premises, then make arrangements to deliver to the end user, the customer. Not only is this method of selling costly to the end user it can take at best ten days to two weeks to process and deliver an order.

Any importer of rugs will tell you that transportation of goods is a major expense which inevitably has to be paid for by the end user. Because there is no mass production of rugs in the United Kingdom most machine made Wilton rugs are imported from Belgium, the Middle East or Turkey while handmade rugs are imported from India, Pakistan and China where labour is considerably cheaper. As rugs are generally bulky the burden of delivery charges can be a relatively high proportion of the end product price. A typical internet rug retailer who is operating using wholesale or importers stocks must additionally carry the weight of the operating costs and profit margins of his suppler plus the delivery costs to his door and also to the end user.

As a sole internet trader Rug Zone follows the principals of giving the consumer a combination of low prices rugs and fast delivery. Stock is stored and controlled in the main warehouse in Sunderland for same working day dispatch on orders processed before 2pm. Bulk purchasing it the key to the success of Rug Zone operation as buying rugs direct from manufactured by the container means lower prices can be negotiated with suppliers. Delivery and transportation costs are kept to an absolute minimum as the rugs are delivered direct from the factory to warehouse cutting out any middle men.

Ordering rugs in larger quantities also means Rug Zone has more control over the finished product. At Rug Zone the research and development team strive to bring rugs that are a little more unique, by creating rugs with new and diverse designs, rugs in larger size, shape and colour variation and with different textures to their competitors.

When a customer orders rugs on the Rug Zone website they usually get next working day delivery, exclusive designs and lower prices for superior qualities. Rug Zone do not sell rugs as an add-on to carpets or other products, they are dedicated to the business of providing rugs at a competitive price. Genuine savings of 30% or more can usually be achieved on like for like rugs with rugzone.co.uk