Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nursery furnishings for your new rug rat

When you have your first baby, it is easy to get a bit carried away with buying stuff for the nursery because there are just so many gadgets out there in the marketplace and they all manage to persuade you that you won't be able to live without them. Some things are important of course and anything that enhances baby’s safety is essential buying, but some of the items costing quite substantial amounts of money are only appropriate for the first few weeks and so you have to wonder whether you really do need them or not.

Cot or crib?

A great big cot is perhaps a bit overwhelming for a small baby but you can buy a carry cot that will fit inside it for the early months. Some of the high end price cots can be adjusted for different bed heights so you can make the same piece of furniture do for years and if you have the cost of one of these in your budget it will certainly save money in the long run. But most people need a carry cot, so the other option is perfectly okay. As long as the nursery is clean and quiet, with some attractive decor such as a bright modern rug on the floor and some pictures on the wall, there is no need to pay a fortune.

Pink or blue?

With scans being pretty accurate these days you can decorate with confidence if you choose to go down the traditional road. However, many baby items come in very bright colours these days so you could take the ‘neutral’ idea and use just a few spots of colour such as lime green or cranberry. This will give you more scope later when baby becomes a toddler becomes a teenager (and that doesn't take as long as you think!) and all you will have to do is change the natural rugs for something more grown up for example a shaggy rug in a bright colour to change the whole look of the room.

When it’s time to share

Not everyone has room to have nursery separate from another child’s bedroom and in these cases it is important to keep territories separate. Using furniture to divide a room is a handy way to stop baby invading an older sibling’s space and that way you won't have tears before bedtime.

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