Sunday, March 1, 2015

Don’t forget the bedroom when redecorating

It depends, but most people tend to decorate somewhere in the house at least once a year. There is something about the lengthening days of spring that make us want to have a bit of a spruce up in the house and the areas most often decorated are the hall, the sitting room and the kitchen. After all, they are the areas that most visitors see and where most people spend a great deal of time. The problem is that there is a limit on how much decorating you can do – either the money or the inclination runs out and yet again the upstairs has been forgotten and looks even dingier than it did when the same thing happened the year before and even possibly the year before that. So, once again, the poor old bedroom loses out.

If the budget has almost gone … again!

Perhaps this advice comes too late and you have already done the decorating and spent almost every penny. Not to worry – there is still an awful lot you can do. Most people suffer from a shortage of drawer and hanging space and this can leave the bedroom looking a little like a laundry, with clothes everywhere. Before you buy a nice wool bedroom rug to make things a little fresher and more luxurious, it probably wouldn’t hurt to go through all the things you have stuffed in drawers and in piles around the room and see what can go to the charity shop or car boot. Once the room is clear, you can decide on a rug – wool rugs are lovely in bedrooms because they are so soft on the feet, but you may feel that something a little more exotic would be nice for a change. In that case, a shaggy rug with a metallic thread would look very feminine and being in a low traffic area won't suffer from a flattened pile.

Be selfish!

The great thing about buying a bedroom rug is that you don’t really have to think about anyone but yourself (and possibly your other half …) because unless you invite them in, visitors aren’t likely to be going into your bedroom on a regular basis. So if you fancy an elegant wool rug or a crazy pink furry one, it is totally up to you. Most bedrooms have limited floor space so you probably won't need a very large rug in your bedroom so you can go for quality and natural fibres have a lot to be said for them in the bedroom because they don’t cause static build-up, the cause of bad sleep patterns, according to some sources. A bedroom rug will need frequent shaking and vacuuming because there are a lot of health issues to consider. Bed mites are on the increase and are found in even the cleanest homes and of course the shed skin flakes and hair that are inevitable in a bedroom make a perfect breeding ground for the little varmints.

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