Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Old and new can make a stylish and eclectic mix

Modern v Traditional
Now, this isn’t another of those blogs about an eighteen year old marrying a ninety-five year old millionaire – it’s about how to mix and match different eras in your home and it will be a lot more successful than that marriage, that’s for sure! Lots of people decorate with very strict rules about what can be mixed with what and it can end up looking a bit sterile. After all, when they were ‘new’ and ‘newish’ Art Deco and Art Nouveau turned up on the same mantelpiece – people didn’t throw things away just because a brand new trend had surfaced, so there is no need to keep things apart now. When you have paid for a traditional rug, for instance, there is no need to change it because you have made the rest of the décor more trendy – the fact is, the two styles will get along just fine.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

Although your traditional rug may not be an antique of the future, it has a place in any décor. And if you have bought modern rugs and now want a change, the same thing applies. Just think of all those people who had Flotaki rugs back in the day – it’s a sure bet they wish they had kept them now, because they are right on trend. It isn’t everything that deserves to be kept no matter what, but you will know what you like and what you don’t want to part with. A natural rug will keep its good looks for years and a wool rug will never date. The real rule with buying anything if you want it to stand the test of time is to spend as much as you can possibly afford. Traditional rugs in particular are examples of where this rule bears fruit – if you buy a really good, hand knotted rug you really could be giving your grandchildren a nice heirloom. But if your pocket won't stretch to that just yet, why not by a lookalike and get the pleasure of the look while you save up.

Take care of things and they will last

It isn’t too obvious to say that if you look after things they will last longer – many people abuse or neglect their belongings and are then surprised when they fall to bits. When you get your traditional rug home – or any rug with an unusual pile or finish – you will find care instructions with it and these are there for a reason. Many traditional rugs have a silk finish whether or not they actually contain the fibre and this is ruined if you use the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner. Switch it off if your cleaner has this facility or use the tool – you will ruin the pile if you are too rough with it and your traditional rug will be ruined. Traditional doesn’t mean tired and tatty, so take care of things and they will last a lifetime.

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