Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can men aim? The big question!

Recently, a German landlord tried to sue his ex-tenant for the cost of repairs to a bathroom caused by his bad aim when using the loo. The case actually went to court but was thrown out because the court upheld a man’s right to pee standing up – the landlord had contended that it was reasonable for all property owners to insist that their tenants pee sitting down. It was hailed as a blow for male freedom and their inalienable right to do what comes naturally but at the time it divided a nation – mostly into those who pee and those who have to clean the bathroom. Bathroom rugs should always be washed at least weekly, but if there is a houseful of chaps whose aim is less than perfect, this should be more often. Bathroom rugs need to be washable at high temperatures to rid them of any germs that have taken residence and also to prevent nasty niffs. Because the bottom line is – most men can't aim!

Do aim aids work?
If the men in your house are a little … random … there are sticky gizmos you can place in the bowl of the toilet for them to aim at which are great fun and also minimise clean-up. They are often shaped as targets but you can get them in all different shapes. If you don’t feel flush enough to buy one of those, you could kill two birds with one stone and use one of the stick-on toilet-fresheners instead and leave instructions for them all to aim at that. The secret is to make clean-up easy and so some flushable toilet wipes to hand is probably a good idea. Bathroom rugs will make freshening the room easier – if you have fitted carpet (not generally recommended in a bathroom) a rug will stop too much mess on the floor which will get a bit whiffy over time.

Accidents do happen

Hopefully, when talking of accidents it is only small children who are the subject (although the elderly can also get caught short). If you are in the middle of potty-training, you may want to get a few extra bathroom rugs to put down – a plastic bag underneath might also be a plan. The thing is that if you make the child think there is something ‘naughty’ about using the potty, this sometimes very fraught stage in their development can get very tricky indeed, so keeping things as normal as possible is always best. If you keep a bathroom rug with a potty in every room (discreetly – even small children like their privacy) you can start to remove extra ones as the child’s control improves. Most people find it only takes a short while before the child is taking themselves off to the bathroom on their own. And then the fun can begin – can men aim? And if so, at what age does the skill kick in? With toddlers, only time will tell.

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