Sunday, May 8, 2016

When to use Traditional Rugs with a Modern Decor

Transitional Nain Style in a modern silver colouration 
Many people who opt for a modern style of decor worry that a traditional rug won’t fit in too well, but this is far from the case. Traditional rugs don’t have to be pale and flowery – in fact, some of the strongest and most vibrant designs come from our traditional range, in particular the Navajo and Gabbeh rugs, which have strong geometric lines and very definite colour schemes. Traditional wool rugs of this type are good choices if you have gone for the modern style, because they ground the look with something that has stood the test of time and is considered a design classic. Sometimes, going too modern can make the whole decor a little hard to handle.

Modern rugs can be lovely, of course, and they use different fibres and colours to give a thoroughly fresh and innovative feel to a room. But sometimes in a minimalist and modern setting there is a need for something which is not quite so cutting edge but could be considered to be a little more classic. This can ‘bring down’ the look from the quirky to the more comfortably modern and also it gives you the choice to become more traditional later on, if your tastes change.

Our range of traditional rugs is phenomenal and well worth a look, even if you have decided to go all modern. The Navajo rugs in particular are very friendly to any environment, being usually in natural shades with sometimes a hint of red or green. Bokhara rugs are also a great way to span the gap between traditional and modern, with their crisp designs. Both styles come in larger sizes, so using a traditional rug as a centre point in a room would look excellent as well as being a cost effective way of making a statement.

Everyone has been in rooms where too much is going on as far as the decor goes. When a modern interior is taken to extremes it can leave you with very jangled nerves as every new element takes you by surprise. A nice calming Navajo rug is a great centrepiece and at Rug Zone prices will leave a nice bit over for a nice abstract print, to give the whole look some well-deserved class.

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