Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do it with Contemporary Style Rugs

When considering furnishing a contemporary dwelling, it is important to consider the design elements that make up your home. Consider the colour scheme. Most contemporary dwellings have simple light colour schemes. When looking for floor coverings, make sure that the colour will work. The material is also worth consideration. A modern home with uncovered floors would benefit from deep pile carpets, where a carpeted property may require a flat-weave.

Rugs of all sizes and colours are available online, and can help to tie a room together, either with similar colours or a daring splash of bright colour. A large rug in the centre of a minimal sitting room can really help to bring focus to the living area. Angles and lines can also be well offset by a geometric design. There are many rugs with daring contemporary designs that work perfectly in juxtaposition with simple colour schemes. For those with more looking for more balance, but who still wish to bring a touch of movement to their home, there are many rugs available with linear design. Carved rugs have raised textures in patterns and colours to suit many contemporary spaces.

Rugs do not have to be plain or geometric. Large rugs bearing pictures of animals, iconic design such as the VW Camper Van and famous logos can be stylish, and also allow you to show your lighter side, and personal tastes. Iconic designs from the sixties are very popular, and online rug specialists have a wide range of these stylish floor coverings. Simple faunal designs such as bamboo or leaf designs bring nature into the modern home. Animal print rugs are a popular alternative to skins as they are ecologically more desirable. Many contemporary spaces make use of interesting shapes; circular staircases, curved baths and open plan kitchens. Crescent, oval and circular rugs can help to define the shape of a space.

Due to their modern machine production, modern rugs are more affordable than traditional examples. The materials are also durable and easy to clean. It is easy to buy rugs for every room in your house on a budget.

Rug Zone stocks a full range of rugs with stylish monochrome designs, modern patterns and colourful explosions. With free and fast delivery and great customer service, there are rugs to suit all contemporary spaces.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ah love a bit of flat weave, me!


That’s flat woven rugs if you didn’t already know. These are rugs that have no pile to speak of the surface texture resembles a blanket rather than a carpet. Many of these are woven like heavy throws using wool, cotton or acrylic fabrics better known as Kilim rugs. You know the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a shop Laura Ashley.. The type of thing you won’t find on our website, simply because in my opinion they are not worth the money. They never stay in place, curl up and move on virtually any surface you put them on. It is literally like having a blanket on the floor.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Good Reason to Choose a Shaggy Rug

Monte Carlo Shaggy Rugs
When you think of shaggy rugs then you might hark back to the sixties or seventies and the heyday of flower power when they were very popular. Yes, they look great. But aren’t they difficult to maintain? I mean, all those long fibres, have to make the life span of a rug pretty short, don’t they?
Actually, whilst the key to keeping your rug in pristine condition is regular maintenance, it’s not that difficult to do. Let’s face it, if our Viking ancestors could keep them clean and well maintained, with all our modern appliances we should be able to do the same.

One problem people used to have with shaggy rugs was that they were often more expensive than other options. With all the new manufacturing techniques we have today, the good news is that suppliers have been able to bring the costs down and pass them onto the customer. These luxury long pile rugs are now no more expensive than other ranges and designs on the market.

The deep pile surface have a great texture. Whereas other carpets or rugs tend to just sit on your floor and depend on their design to engage the eye, shaggys have a life and a personality of their own. They may all be manufactured to the same design but once they get into your home they take on a unique persona. Colours change and deepen when they get pushed a certain way and even the way the light falls on them makes a difference.

There’s no doubt that these rugs were made for cold, winter evenings. Not only do they provide great insulation for the floor, they’re perfect for sitting on next to a hot fire. Whilst other carpets are hard to touch, you can happily stretch out in comfort while the winter rain, or snow, falls outside.
Shaggy carpets and rugs make a luxury statement, 100% of the time. You can get designs that show ripples in deep and exotic colours, and you can find rugs that just add fun to a room or a hallway. Yes, they take a little more maintenance than other carpets but it’s nothing too difficult – regular vacuuming and cleaning, perhaps a little brushing, to make sure that the long pile remains in good condition.

They’re great in the bedroom, especially if you have a hard wood floor. You don’t want to step out of bed onto a cold floor, much better to settle your feet into the deep pile of a carpet that feels great under foot and keeps you warm as you wake up to the day.
It seems that people often put obstacles in the way of getting a shaggy rug. They have kids who jump around the place. There are animals too, rolling about in the deep pile. Maybe if you don’t trust the rest of the household to look after it properly, you can simply have it in your bedroom where you can make sure it is taken care of.

If you want a carpet that has a sense of luxury and looks and feels great underfoot, then a high pile rug could be just the thing you are looking for.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

When to use Traditional Rugs with a Modern Decor

Transitional Nain Style in a modern silver colouration 
Many people who opt for a modern style of decor worry that a traditional rug won’t fit in too well, but this is far from the case. Traditional rugs don’t have to be pale and flowery – in fact, some of the strongest and most vibrant designs come from our traditional range, in particular the Navajo and Gabbeh rugs, which have strong geometric lines and very definite colour schemes. Traditional wool rugs of this type are good choices if you have gone for the modern style, because they ground the look with something that has stood the test of time and is considered a design classic. Sometimes, going too modern can make the whole decor a little hard to handle.

Modern rugs can be lovely, of course, and they use different fibres and colours to give a thoroughly fresh and innovative feel to a room. But sometimes in a minimalist and modern setting there is a need for something which is not quite so cutting edge but could be considered to be a little more classic. This can ‘bring down’ the look from the quirky to the more comfortably modern and also it gives you the choice to become more traditional later on, if your tastes change.

Our range of traditional rugs is phenomenal and well worth a look, even if you have decided to go all modern. The Navajo rugs in particular are very friendly to any environment, being usually in natural shades with sometimes a hint of red or green. Bokhara rugs are also a great way to span the gap between traditional and modern, with their crisp designs. Both styles come in larger sizes, so using a traditional rug as a centre point in a room would look excellent as well as being a cost effective way of making a statement.

Everyone has been in rooms where too much is going on as far as the decor goes. When a modern interior is taken to extremes it can leave you with very jangled nerves as every new element takes you by surprise. A nice calming Navajo rug is a great centrepiece and at Rug Zone prices will leave a nice bit over for a nice abstract print, to give the whole look some well-deserved class.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Which Rugs Are Best For Hard Floors?

With many homeowners opting for hardwood floors nowadays, you might be forgiven for thinking that carpets and rugs have had their day. The truth is that adding a stylish rug to your hardwood floor can make all the difference, providing something elegant and decorative that feels great underfoot.

Three of the main places that we tend to put hardwood flooring is in the hallway, on the landing and in the kitchen. These are generally well used spaces and you want them to be easy to clean. The problem is that they can often be a little ‘cold’ and introducing a couple of nice carpet runners here and there can make all the difference.

What are Runners?

Runners are long rugs that don’t require any professional fitting and can be found in a number of different designs to suit the d├ęcor of your home. You can opt for traditional styles or go for something more modern in a variety of fabrics. The great thing about runners is they can be purchased in different shapes and sizes to suit almost any space from your hallway to your kitchen.
Used on hard floors they not only add a layer of protection but also reduce noise and provide comfort underfoot. Runners can either be laid loosely on the floor or if you want a more permanent fitting then you can use something like rug control spray to make sure that it stays put without damaging the hardwood underneath.

Runners for the Hallway

One of the best places for a runner is in the hallway where it can be an attractive decoration for those entering the house. With so much traffic going through you may not want to invest in a full carpet for your hall but still would like some colour and definition. With a great many designs to choose from at very competitive prices, putting down a runner can give you the best of both worlds.

Runners for the Kitchen

You may not think that a runner in the kitchen is a good idea, particularly where food is being prepared. But it can add another design dimension to this area of the house and is pretty easy to clean and maintain. Again it can also help protect the floor beneath in one of the busiest rooms in any home.

Other Options for Hard Floors

Runners are ideal for any elongated space and you can put them almost anywhere. If you have a hard wood floor in the bedroom then you might want to run one alongside the bed so that you keep your feet nice and warm in the winter. The landing is another prime location for a good runner, helping to muffle the sound of footsteps when people get up in the night. With so many different sizes available, you can probably find a runner for any part of your home.

Easy to lay down and available in a wide variety of patterns, designs and materials, a strategically placed carpet runner can add comfort and style to your home for little cost. Whilst it looks great on a hardwood floor, you can also use it for carpeted areas where you want to add a little extra protection.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Traditional Rug Designs Never Go Out of Fashion

There’s something comforting about traditional rug designs that makes them just as popular today as they have been at any time in the past. Whether it’s that Persian or Oriental feel to your rug, or something made closer to home, it seems traditional is perfectly suited to the job of decorating the floor of any home, wherever you chose to lay that carpet.

It’s not just older people that go for the traditional design either, it’s popular with the younger generation too and has continued to be a favourite over the years.
Whilst the latest weaving and design techniques mean you can get almost any design onto your carpet, many people still opt for the traditional look when it comes to choosing a rug. You can go for a runner, octagonal, circular or square rug but they all have that clean cut design and promise of opulence that sets them apart from other designs.

Different Types of Traditional Rug

Many of the traditional rugs we know and love today have their origin in the East. Bokhara rugs are knotted by hand in Pakistan whilst Kasbah rugs are often to be found in the markets of Morocco. You can now find these kinds of traditional rug manufactured in places as far flung as New Zealand and in a variety of different materials and weaving techniques. The design remains popular though, wherever it is made.

Other rugs have grown out of the English carpet industry, particularly through the Victorian times when manufacturing was at its height. These include makes such as  and English Manor which both have their own history. The first Axminster was woven for Chatsworth House back in 1830 and still adorns the floor of the library there today.

What they all have in common is the ability to make a floor look stylish and opulent without being overbearing. There are plenty of traditional options to choose from, with prices to suit most pockets, including:
• Persian: Originating from Iran, the designs for Persian carpets were symbolic and often woven by nomadic tribes. Early fragments of Persian carpets date back to well before the birth of Christ.
• Ziegler: Distinguished by its broad border and muted colour tones, Ziegler rugs make a stylish addition to any room.
• English Manor: A design that rose out of the French renaissance period, if you want a traditional carpet with ornate medallions and florals then this is the rug for you.
• Sherborne Grange: A favourite with many households, this rug uses a central motif and often incorporates flowers such as irises and lotuses.

These traditional carpets used to be the province of the well to do and became a sign of affluence in late Victorian times and the early part of the 20th Century. They continued to be a popular design for flooring in many homes during the 70s and 80s. In more recent times they have become an affordable and decorative way to make your floor look stylish and are still a first choice for many, even with new designs coming onto the market.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Which rugs are easy to clean

What rugs are the easiest to clean? It may sounds like a simple question to answer, but there are so many variables to consider and let’s not forget the easiest rugs to clean may not be your preferred texture. A machine washable rug is the logical answer but a typical lounge size rug is just too big to fit into a standard washing machine, so these are usually only made in small bathroom sizes. When we say clean do we mean stains or general maintenance like vacuuming? If you need to wash a rug my advice is; don’t do it yourself, find a reputable specialist carpet and rug cleaner. So, to save going around in circles let's first establish that this article refers to general maintenance and spot cleaning.

Some quick general rules to consider before buying a new rug. Lighter colours are are more likely to show soiling and dark colours are likely to show dust and hairs. Plainer rugs will show more tracking and wear than a patterned rugs. Busy designs with many contrasting colours will appear to wear better because your eye focuses on the design rather than the traffic paths. Longer pile lengths take more maintenance than short piles.

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