Thursday, 31 May 2018

Where to buy, price and design custom made rugs online.

The word bespoke is synonymous with Savile Row tailors, famed for their made to measure suits. However, there are many more retail products available that can be produced to a customers requirements. Bespoke rugs, may not be the first product to spring to mind, but there are many situations in our homes where a made to size rug would fit perfectly.

While many of our homes have similar layouts, room sizes can be radically different, add to that the varied arrangement and size of our furniture, and the living space we have left can be very diverse. Yet we are often limited to around 4 rug sizes to fit those varying spaces. The right size and shape rug in the right environment can be a real asset to the living space. And let’s not forget colour and design, why should a range of rugs be limited to just a few colours?

Who sells made to measure rugs?

At we have tried to tackle the problem head-on, by producing a bespoke service that places the customer in the driving seat. We’ve developed software that can reproduce size, design and colour, simply. Enabling the customer to better visualise the finished product. With over 90 up-to-the-minute colours covering the popular hues and tones, many are styled around highly fashionable paint colours from manufacturers such as Farrow and Ball. The customer should have ample choice, think about it, a two colour (two-tone) design with 90 colourways can potentially give over 8,000 different variations.

Visualising the finished rug on a computer screen is one thing, but we know our client’s really want to see the real texture and colours while getting a hand on what the finished quality of the rug will actually feel like. To this end we have had sample swatches in the quality and colours of the rug produced. We will post cuttings of the colours before the client makes the final choice. Once the design, colour and quality is approved we send the colour and design specifications to our partners in India. They will produce the design CAD images for the clients final approval, it’s from these images that the rug will be produced. From approval to delivery takes around six weeks.
Our rugs are currently only available in two quality variations, both are hand-tufted using a high-grade wool pile and are finished with a heavy hessian backing. We also offer a loop pile version of the same, the loop piles are usually produced in combination with a cut pile to give plain ground rugs texture and design.

Designing the rug using the software.

It can be daunting imagining design and colour, our software aims to subtly guide the client by using templates, many of which are pre-coloured and allowing the client to add an accent colour. There are also drag and drop design elements that can be added to the base colour, then re-coloured to give thousands of colour and design options. Adding borders and motifs in a creative way can fashion something really unique. The client may have a project in mind that they can draw, or it may be a corporate or club logo design. If it can be drawn in a few colours, we can reproduce it, just email us with the basic plan and we’ll take it from there. When doing a design from scratch the best way to approach it is imagine painting with numbers, each section represents a colour which is built into a design. Our tufters are highly skilled and can reproduce virtually anything that’s thrown at them.Shapes are another area where we can excel, circles, ovals, hexagon and octagon are popular choices, but we can also produce more abstract and random shapes such as a shoe sole shape or even a guitar.

How much will a bespoke rug cost?

The big surprise with our bespoke rug service is the cost, we don’t hide our prices, they are calculated when you input the rug size. We’ve pitched our prices within the budget of a standard household. Our rugs have a similar square meter price to comparable qualities you’d find in John Lewis and Debenhams or brands such as Brink and Campman from independent retailers.
Please visit our site at and see just what you can create, feel free to download your designs and share on social media, not forgetting to mention our website.


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