Sunday, October 26, 2014

Buying Guide for Hall Runners

Hall runners do not only work as an embellishment for your interiors and floorings, but these also serve as a utility to prevent floor damage and slips and accidents. You may buy a carpet runner that complements your interiors and add to the value of design aesthetics, making them appear chic and stylish, while ensuring sufficient floor protection and slip-free surfaces.

When buying hall runners, you may consider various factors before you select an appropriate choice. Below are some guidelines which may help you choose suitable hall runners for your halls.


The carpet runners should be smaller in width than your hall, so that these may be placed to run along the centre of your halls, leaving equal margins on both sides. You may tally the measurements that you intend to buy, with the halls’ dimensions to get an idea about whether it will suitably fit.
Furthermore, if you intend to place in front of a door, you may take care to choose a runner that when placed inside the hall will leave sufficient space before the door to not to interfere with the opening and closing of the door.

Design and style

There is a wide variety available today, in different sizes and designs. You may buy a contemporary design to complement your hall interiors, or you opt for a traditional in style. You may find elaborate and intricate designs more appealing, or you might prefer more simplicity in design. The style and design is completely subjected to your room interiors and design preferences.

Fibres and materials

Available in a variety of fibres, from synthetic to natural. Your choice of fibres should primarily be based upon the amount of traffic you expect. If you expect more traffic, your hall runners will be exposed to more walking and hence, you may choose a woven in a material that will be able to withstand heavy usage. Polypropylene, nylon and wool are durable and can withstand high traffic for longer periods.

Non-skid backing

You may even consider buying rug runners equipped with non-skid backing, which put up more resistance towards slipping and sliding on floors. In case your hall receives more traffic, it may get quite cumbersome at times to always keep in place. Non-skid backing is a feasible solution in such situations.

Lastly, if you are interested in buying, it is essential that you contact a reliable dealer or supplier, so that you are able to invest in good quality and durable hall runners. Rug Zone offers a wide range of premium quality hall runners, which embellish your floors and can sustain high traffic for extended periods, due to their premium quality.

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