Sunday, 19 October 2014

5 Tips for Effective Cleaning of Carpet Runners

Installing hall runners is a good way to conceal floor damage, prevent your floors from further damage and add to the value your home interiors and aesthetics. Carpet runners are usually placed in halls, rooms and on staircases, but you may place it anywhere else in your house, where you might deem it suitable.

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Usually installed in areas which receive high traffic and these are more susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, below are a few tips to help you maintain your carpet runners and increase their durability.

1: Vacuum Regularly

Like any other carpeted flooring, your runners too need to be vacuumed regularly. Regular vacuuming prevents the settling down of dirt and dust particles deep into the pile, ensuring to remove dirt, gravel and debris completely from the fibres. If dirt and debris is allowed to settle down into the pile it can cause considerable damage overtime.

Regular vacuuming is an efficient way to ensure regular and deep cleaning and if placed on stairs, you might consider investing in a lightweight vacuum cleaner for convenience of use.

2: Use a Suitable Brush Attachment
Use a suitable brush attachment when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. A hose is suitable for dirt removal and can also help with deep cleaning. Using a brush roller or a beater brush attachment is particularly useful for loosening dirt and increasing the life.

3: Use a Stiff Broom

If you find vacuuming too inconvenient to practise it regularly, using a stiff broom to regularly clean is a good substitute. Though, it may not be as effective for deep cleaning as a vacuum, but still, a stiff broom is a good alternative and can be of considerable help. If you do not find it feasible to invest in a light weight vacuum cleaner, a stiff broom is a good replacement to conveniently clean your carpet runners, installed on the staircase.

4: Use a Steam Cleaner

Carpet runners can also be steam cleaned, just as any other carpeted flooring. Steam cleaning  require a good steam cleaner which may be attached with a handheld hose. In case, you are faced with limitations, financial or otherwise, to invest in a steam cleaner, it is even possible to rent one from a nearby grocery store.

5: Hand Scrubbing

In case you need spot-cleaning, hand scrubbing is the best possible solution. Not only it may be used to clean to overall, but it is the most effective way of stain removal. Spots and stains that are hard to clean, like grease stains, may require a pre-treatment through a solution which loosens the stains and makes their removal easier through hand scrubbing.

When investing in carpet runners, ensure to buy carpet runners from trusted dealers, like Rug Zone, so that you are able to buy good quality and durable carpet runners which are easier to maintain and have an extended life span.

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